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10 Reasons to Become a Soccer Mom

Soccer season is almost here, and I’ll soon have 3 kids ages 4-10 on the field having games 4 days a week! It’s crazy, but I love it!! Jeremy filled my head with his own childhood memories of his family spending “all day Saturdays” going to games, then going out for pizza just to do it again next week. As someone new to this experience who did not grow up with sports, becoming a “Soccer Mom” has been a dream come true. Here are just a few benefits I’ve found with my kids in soccer:

  1. Participate in quality family time and memories.
  2. See my kids learning and trying their hardest.
  3. See my kids find joy in movement and being outside.
  4. Kids practice responsibility by showing up ready to play, and being on time.
  5. Watch my kids make friends and be a part of a team.
  6. Recognizing my kids’ accomplishments in real time. First thing they do after kicking, scoring, or doing a good job is to look for me with a big smile on their face and ask, “Did you see me, Mom??” love 🥰
  7. Support a sport that’s inclusive! Anyone and everyone can enjoy the game, and it’s really affordable even with multiple kids.
  8. Have an excuse to snack it up- the snacks are so much fun!
  9. Enjoy the competition and the thrill of watching a game play out!
  10. Be out there with other parents (including my own folks visiting) who are doing the same thing, and bond over the fun!

I have no regrets with the stereotypes including the minivan (because I freakin’ love that minivan). Out there with my kids taking them to practice, watching video clips on different drills before practicing them outside, building muscle memory and self-confidence… They’ve even made friends already during evaluations! Soccer has done wonders for my kiddos, and I hope more Moms give it a chance!

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