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What I Wore to Cancun Mexico: Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Here’s my attempt at a Travel Capsule. I love real life examples for “practical” ideas, which pieces worked for multiple scenarios, and visuals of what people actually wore. It’s both an art and science to fit a week’s worth of clothes meant for all your activities in just a carryon suitcase and backpack, and feel put together and cute. I love traveling minimally without checked luggage!

For context- we stayed a week in Cancun in December with average temperatures of 85 degrees F. Our plans included lots of pool and beach time, dinners with dress code, and a playful day at an Eco Water park.

Sorry, didn’t get good photos of them in real life, but here was what I packed for myself:

Dinner Outfits

For sit down restaurants I brought: 1 “purse” that held my phone, 2 sets of jewelry (gold and pearls), 1 pair of “dressy” flats to rotate with my 2 other sandals, 1 skirt, 1 dress, 2 button down tops, and a swimsuit top.

My linen top was adorable and I loved wearing it, but I somehow always ended up with food and spilled sauces on it haha. Thankfully it’s easy to clean, but was a little stressful to be running to the bathroom before the stain sets.

This black cotton dress was so comfy and went with everything, both over swimsuits / shorts or under a jacket or T-shirt. Dressing it up with black Tahitian pearls and pretty flats for an evening out had a monochrome look! The only issue was when it was windy.

Resort Outfits (Swim)

Can we even call these outfits? Literally swimsuits and hat/sunglasses, plus sandals.

Lots of ladies like to do elegant dresses or kimonos as coverups and get all fancy with jewelry and makeup, which works great if you’re just sunbathing—but what about actually getting in the water? I tried getting all dolled up for a swim our first day. Waterproof lipstick and mascara worked great for the little moments I wanted to feel put together.

Swimming in makeup + accessories

I wore practical rash guards so I wouldn’t burn, and quick dry shorts so my bottom always felt protected. Wearing multiple swimsuits helped avoid chafing or rashes from being in a wet swimsuit for hours. I loved having options, and doubling the swimsuits as dressy tops since the necklines were so varied. My favorite swimsuit was the simple black two-piece because it was easier for bathroom breaks, and the top worked well with everything I wanted to pair it with including skirts or shorts for lunch or drinks before dinner.

Ruffled One-piece swimsuit

Excursion Outfit

For an all day Waterpark outing, versatility was the name of the game! Layers over my swimsuit plus water shoes were great for most of the day’s activities, including hours on a bus. In the swim bag, I stored a dry change of clothes and FLIP FLOPS for on the way home so I didn’t have to wear wet shoes too long. It was perfect to keep in the locker and not have to carry around the Waterpark everywhere.

Airport Outfit

My travel outfit wasn’t super fashionable, but I prioritized my comfort and not having to pay for checked luggage. The weather was completely different at our destination and return location (tropical vs snowstorm), and I didn’t have room to lug around a bulky jacket. I layered up with two pairs of long pants/joggers, and my long sleeved button down shirt under a hoodie sweater. I wore one pair of socks with my water shoes on the way to Mexico, but switched it for a neckerchief on the way home since my water shoes were still wet. These items were light, didn’t take much room in my carryon luggage, and helped me feel comfortable while traveling since I get cold on the plane and needed to survive the snowy trip from the terminal to the car. I shed the layers as it got warmer, and added them back as needed.

I hope this helps if you find yourself in a similar travel adventure! It was really enjoyable challenging myself to get creative with what I brought and planning what to wear. Have a great trip!!

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Love, Kat

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