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Home Building Process: Our House Start to Finish

Wanted to document this once-in-our-lifetime event! The construction process was really fun every week with a surprise and progress!

Week 1: The Lot

May 16 – This week we signed contracts and upgraded the flooring. The soil was already compacted. Going with the largest home builder in America meant our home purchase included the lot and a specific house plan already chosen for that lot—a package deal with no room for customization. That was okay since we had confidence in their sub-contractors based on the homes they had already built in the neighborhood, and we loved the floor plan.

Week 2: Pre-Construction Meeting

May 27 – We met with the superintendent, who had us approve the floor plans, walked us through our property line, and gave us a tour of the lot. Foundation was poured, and the black tar on the outside helps with keeping out moisture.

Week 4: Concrete

June 9 – This week pour basement / garage floor, flatwork cure days (concrete needs time to dry), gas yard line installed.

Week 5: Framing

June 12 – Scheduled to start framing! Arrived from California on June 14th and they were already framing the stairs in the basement. Jer walked with the kids around the backyard and showed them where the game table in the basement would be. Returned June 19th to find that the 1st and 2nd stories were already up!

Week 6: Framed

June 22 – Had a special dinner on the main floor of our new house where our kitchen would someday be. We ate Cafe Rio with the kids on a Mexican picnic blanket during sunset and enjoyed the (then) unobstructed mountain views. June 23 – Framed!

Week 7: Exterior Windows & Door

July 3 – Family visited for before the holiday and checked out the house with us! The bath/shower shell was in. No interior doors yet. Front windows and front door were installed, added sidewalk concrete and step leading up to doorway.

Week 8: Roofing

July 11 – Shingles were added!

Week 9: Four-Way Inspection

July 14 – During the 4-way inspection, the superintendent took us and our realtor through the house to look at everything within the walls before everything is covered up. This includes framing (roof, walls, floor, etc.), electrical (rough wiring), plumbing, and HVAC (heating & refrigeration).

Week 10: Sheet Rock

July 25 – All sheet-rocked! We were able to see the professionals in action walking on stilts as they mudded the seams.

Week 11: Stucco

July 27 – Order blinds & appliances from builder (takes 6 weeks to get there). July 31 – texturized walls, stucco’d the exterior.

Week 12: Flooring & Shelving

Aug 4 – Chose our lender today. Aug 7 – Walls painted, flooring on main level laid down, shelving installed, railing and trim installed at stairs. It was super fun to be able to touch the little details that were important to us in the floor plan: a mudroom bench from the garage to the kitchen, a small guest bathroom on the main floor, pre-built shelves everywhere, and an abundance of light in just the right spots. The builder obviously knew their market! I was so glad I didn’t have to pick anything with our pre-designed package. The designers knew what they were doing; all the colors and finishes matched perfectly, were neutral enough like a blank clean canvas, and were flexible if we wanted to customize later.

Week 13

Aug 15

Week 14: Carpet, Cabinets, Counters

Aug 22 – this week: finish electrical, finish HVAC, install deck, finish door hardware, finish plumbing, exterior rails, mirrors, set to close Sept 24th! (Carpet was in!)

Week 16

August 29 – The lawn is here! Sept 2 – quality control walk corrections, interior clean, install window screens, pressure wash

Week 19: Closing

September 24 – Final sign off, closing. September 25 – After closing, we needed our internet, appliances, and window blinds installed! Since we did not choose the items that came from the builder, the first week we moved in it was important that we had a working fridge and could wash/dry laundry!

Check out the House Tour here.

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