Honeymoon Rundown

Jeremy and Kat went on an action-packed adventure for their honeymoon, which included trips to California (their native land), Mexico, and Las Vegas! Here are some highlights:

1) Roadtrip to California (San Diego)
2) Hop on the Carnival Cruise Ship “Elation”

3) Find our Cabin and explore the life of grandeur above the sea

4) See our first Sunset on the Pacific Ocean

5) Eat the most luxuriously prepared food we’ve ever seen

6) Head on to Cabo, Mexico!

7) Get on a Glass-bottom boat and tour the island!

8) Snorkel with the fish at Lover’s Cove. Jeremy used his Lifeguard skills to heroically save his newlywed wife from totally dying.

9) Get some REAL Mexican Tacos…

10) Check out the sights:

12) Make another stop! Some crowded streets, haciendas, things to be bought left and right, and we ate some real Mexican Fajitas too!

13) Pay respects to the Flag

14) Visit Paris… er, Vegas! And see a cool Flower Festival…

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