Hungry Caterpillar Lily's First Birthday Party
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Hungry Caterpillar First Birthday

Our little girl had her first birthday party, and it was fantabulous for the first official gathering at our place. Thank goodness it was summer and we could invite everyone to play outside instead of trying to figure out how to fit everyone in our teensie space! Since our baby girl is at that age where she just wants to eat everything, we decided to have a party where we could eat all the things the Hungry Caterpillar ate! From grilled hot dogs (sausage) and lettuce wraps (a single leaf) to all the fruit in the book, you name it we ate it! The kids had a butterfly piñata filled with candy and played some balloon games in between eating.

Made all the food labels, too! Fun!
Fun food for the kids (caterpillar grape kebabs)
Instead of ice cream and cherry pie (because our family’s not into sweets like that), we opted for super moist and amazing chocolate cake by Tori—she also decorated the smash cake; it was awesome. 
Smash cake

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