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Oklahoma Aquarium

This aquarium in Tulsa was so much fun and had some awesome interactive exhibits! The night we visited, they had extended hours with extra touch times for the sting rays and feeding times for the turtles. The light up carousel closed as we arrived, but had carved sea creatures my kiddos would enjoy riding.

Hilarious photo ops for the kids!

One of my favorite moments was seeing the Beavers swimming right up against the glass.

We were told it was small and would not take long to get through, but the interactivity in these exhibits made the quality top notch! We were able to get up close and enjoy each animal without rushing or getting stuck in a big crowd. The habitats were some of the best designed we had seen even though they took up less space. Many were stimulating for the animals and allowed for maximum visibility. There were many crawling tunnels for kids that led right in the middle of the reef or the River Giants exhibits so they could feel like they were part of it rather than outside looking in- how cool is that! One exhibit had a water slide and tunnels for the river otters who have very playful natures, and separated their areas from visitors with two levels of glass. The turtle enclosure was an open pen so that visitors could see them in and out of the water, but also above them! We got to see what they looked like with their heads tucked inside their shells as they got under the warmer.

Sting ray touch

F our animal loving child got to see some of his favorites—otters, turtles (including an albino one he wanted a photo with since he was such a fan), piranhas, and sharks. W got to be a goof and framed each new animal with questions about how they could be eaten. L explored with her cousin bestie and almost napped in the shark tunnel! The girls seemed most excited to see the sea horses, a few of which looked like they were carrying eggs already.

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