Kids Spotlight: Back to School 2021

About time for a family update! We’re breaking out the Instant Camera for another year of back to school! I started doing this on L’s first day of Kindergarten. She was so tiny then! Now we are super happy to be going on the bus and doing in-person learning.

L the Fifth Grader

First day of 5th grade! I’m not sure how, but overnight she grew into a young lady all independent and responsible. Where did my baby go?… She’s grown her hair out and now practices braiding it, making hair buns, and styling it herself. We think she’s gotten pretty good at it! While her brothers prefer cereal for breakfast, she enjoys cooking eggs with avocado in the morning. She can make ramen noodles with vegetables in it, has cooked bacon in the oven, and does a great job helping me in the kitchen especially with emptying the dishwasher. The other thing she’s been doing a lot of lately is helping with her brothers during bedtime, like reading stories to them, helping to brush their teeth or fill the bath with warm water, and setting up forts and games for imaginative play together. Recently they moved the Nugget couch to her room, and she converted it into “desks” for a play school complete with writing trays and name plates! Her little brother calls her “the best sister in the whole world”.

F the Kindergartener

His first day of Kindergarten! The entire week he’s been looking forward to going back to school, always asking me if today is the day haha. He and L were thrilled to be able to ride on the bus together in the morning to school. They’ve been looking forward to going to the same school for years. So far we’ve had to run to the bus stop on the corner every morning in order to make it, haha! I love that the t-shirt he chose is tie-dyed and as colorful as his personality. He’s got his same Batman backpack from last year, and was disappointed that he didn’t get to have a lunch box like older sister because he’s only half-day Kindergarten and gets to come home for lunch. Since he gets cold easily he also wears his new windbreaker everywhere he goes. I love this kid so much!!

W the Preschooler

This preschooler will tell you that he’s going “to pirate school in the mountains”! 😂 He is loving spending more one-on-one time with Mom. Most of his suggestions have been, “Should we go to the park?”, “Should we have a picnic?”, or “Should we have popcorn with a movie?” His new favorite movie seems to be Disney’s Treasure Planet, which he calls “Pirates in Space”! I took his picture while he was potty training since he saw his siblings’ photos on the fridge and he didn’t want to be left out. We’re taking outings slowly, but I’m very proud of his progress, especially night training!

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