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Front Closet Transformation: Budget-Friendly Storage Solutions

Always looking for ways to improve functionality and maximize space! This closet transformation will ease the effort in our daily routine. At the crossroads in my kids’ lives, this closet is there with me to hold their stuff as they come and go. We’re here at least twice a day.

What Bugged Me Before:

  1. Stuff spilled out in piles on the closet floor or cluttered the hall leading to the front door. It feels messy / dirty.
  2. Couldn’t find gloves or hats when time to go, even when there was a box for them. We ended up digging for items or dumping the box each time, and then having to replace all the contents- an unnecessary drain on time and effort.
  3. That stool was always out to help the boys hang up their coats, but it was too fiddly so they just shoved jackets on the floor.
  4. The stool blocking the shoe matte created an extra step of moving the stool in order to put away shoes, so shoes were left outside the closet door.
  5. The dog’s towel usually ended up in a mess on the floor because the hook was too small, or it would fall off the small stool rail where it hung to dry.
  6. There’s no room on the floor yet the top shelf had room to spare, and in whole is stuffed with things we don’t use. Although packed with jackets, everyone has a favorite and the rest are rarely worn.

Fixes (After) For What Bugged Me:


Inspired by my friend Crystal’s home, here is how I addressed the frustrations above:

  1. A reachable rod for the kids – high quality sturdy material, took 2 seconds to install (no hardware needed), $20.
  2. The rod extender provided visible compartments for gloves / hats. The contents can change with us over the seasons (sunscreen and sun hats, soccer cleats, etc.), and can hold bins if I need them in future.
  3. Command hooks for backpacks where kids can reach – heavy-duty can hold 15lbs, $10.
Before / After
  1. Get rid of stuff! Decluttered extra jackets, backpacks to donate, baby stroller we are done with, and hiking stuff to garage. There’s now room for guest coats comfortably.
  2. Used the vertical space by moving items we rarely use to the top shelf. There is now visible space on the floor to roll the vacuum! Lots of options of where to hang Roxy’s towel—at the kids’ level on their rod, or the rod above the backpacks, or even the backpack hooks if the kids are at school.
  1. I cleaned the many black marks and dirt all over the door and the inside of the closet with a Magic Eraser, and now it feels brand new!
Before / After

I love going in this closet now. The kids are already enjoying using a space designed with them in mind!

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