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Pottery Painting Mother-Daughter Date

August is our birthday month, so I thought we’d spend our mother-daughter date creating a little something to take home for a “treat yourself” birthday gift. It was perfect for my L who loves to paint. She thought this date was so much fun!

Our local pottery and ceramics shop had a wall full of items we could paint, and a shelf of finished items from artisans. We protected our clothes with some aprons from home. This date cost about $26, which was the price of each ceramic piece we wanted to paint plus a studio fee for each item.

L selected a mug with tropical leaves on it and painted it bright and happy colors so that she would smile when she finished drinking from it. I chose to paint a small flower tray to hold my frequently used jewelry, keeping the colors similar to match my bathroom.

L was thrilled with the results! Her mug looks like a beautiful sunrise surprise inside. When we finished painting, we left the pieces at the pottery store so they could bake it for us, and when they were ready I came back to bring them home all carefully packaged.

It’s been so nice to be able to use these simple items in our daily lives, and remember this time we spent getting creative together. I love this Flower Girl of mine!

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