Camping at Lake Canyon: On the Town

This diner called Home Plate Café in Fairview had some fabulous breakfast! I got an omelet with all my favorite veggies and sausage, and it came with a side of biscuits and a gravy with sausage flavors. I have never really had that before, it was very rich and comforting after a rigorous run in the morning and difficulty sleeping. The kids all devoured their food, including French toast sticks and fluffy pancakes with boysenberry syrup!

We played at the local park afterwards to burn off some energy before heading back to camp. They played soccer, which was really good practice for the older kids L and S. They climbed obstacles, spun on the swinging tires, and W even found a giant spider web that he got really excited about. Jer went around drying all the rained-on slides with a towel before the kids played on them because he’s amazing like that.

On Sunday we went back into this little town to attend church. It was a change of plans, so we just showed up in our camping clothes. It was a small but very cool building with a split level when you entered. The congregation had a very big spirit and strong faith they shared. Our kids were so good and reverent sitting on our laps, as the chapel was full since it seems there were many visitors for the holiday. I really enjoyed being able to take the Sacrament- my week just feels whole and I needed God’s strength.

We really enjoyed our visit to this “small town” surrounded by this national forest. When we first arrived, the very friendly gas station attendant said, “Welcome to God’s country!” It certainly is populated by God’s creations and meant to cultivate the lovely trees and lakes and wet cold that kept an ancient Mammoth preserved for thousands of years.

Check out photos from our camping adventures from this trip.

Love, Kat

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