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Rawwr Dinosaur 7th Birthday at Home

Seven years ago this miracle baby joined our family, and has been taking us on high adventures ever since! Happy Birthday, sweetie!

We are so grateful for his cheerful spirit. He makes friends easily, since he’s so interested in having things in common with others and being kind. He always has a song in his heart, and it depends on his mood whether it’s a 90’s alternative rock song, a random movie theme, or a pop song from the radio. He wants to be a Veterinarian when he grows up, since he loves animals so much (“Except for cats, because I’m allergic!”).

He had asked for a Dinosaur cake this year, so that was his theme. I decorated the night before while Jer put together the Big Present in the garage and wheeled it out for him to see it first thing when he woke up. F started the day taking the bow off his brand new Big Boy Bike! It even came in his favorite color. After riding it around the house for a minute with Dad, they took it outside so he could get the hang of it.

The Birthday Boy requested crepes for his special Breakfast, so Daddy made special strawberry AND mango flavored ones. What a treat! The mango ones blew everyone away, it was almost weird to go back to strawberry after that.

We spent most of the day with the kids playing outside and the adults working on the yard.

I put some effort into the cake this year, a Volcano Angel food cake with Whipped Chocolate Frosting and chocolate shavings on the sides. We got dried ice for the middle to make it look like smoke coming out of the crater, and I melted hard candies to create the lava shards.

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