Roxy Recovering

Miss Roxy got groomed on Tuesday. She enjoys short hair even in winter since she loves being outside and it’s easier to go on walks when burrs, dirt, and clumps of snow don’t cling to long hair or get dragged in with wet paws.

Little did we know her grooming would come in handy! She was bitten while on a night walk in the neighborhood, and it was easier to assess her injuries since she was freshly groomed. A medium-large size gray dog came charging at her like 12 houses away not on a leash in the dark, so it took Jer and Roxy both by surprise. It got her on the belly and back before Jer was able to separate them. Poor Roxy shook like a leaf for an hour when she and Jer returned home. I tried to stay calm seeing her bleeding and scared. She was so obedient and still for me cleaning her wounds and getting them covered up for when we could see the vet in the morning.

The vet said Roxy is lucky she got mostly bruises, but there was at least one actual puncture and unsure of how deep it goes so in addition to the pain meds for a couple days we are doing antibiotics as a precaution. Also a cone because I told him she licks everything.

The owners of the dog that attacked were super apologetic and cooperative with taking care of the vet bill, which was a relief. Their dog is a recent rescue, and an Australian shepherd border collie mix breed that’s known for nipping and biting to get out energy. They need lots of space and exercise or something to do to avoid becoming destructive or dangerous from plain boredom… at least that’s what the officer told me when I had to file an informational report to animal control.

Just like our children when they get sick, our dog Roxy is milking it. The vet said that Roxy could go on short walks as long as she was willing and shows no signs of injury like limping; nothing rigorous like running. She is definitely willing – I made walking with her a priority. She hates her antibiotics though, even when they’re wrapped in a treat. I had to force it down her throat a couple of times because it was so big she kept spitting it out after gobbling her treat.

Here’s to a speedy recovery where I don’t need to administer medication to her for long.

Love, Kat

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