Roxy’s Favorite Things

It’s Roxy’s 5th birthday today! She’s now had more birthdays with us than when we got her. Our dog will be the same age that I am turning this year (36)! To celebrate, she got a haircut and grooming, and presents. The groomer gave her extra chewy treats for the occasion. I got her new toys and a pig ear we’ll give to her throughout the week. Today’s surprise was the crinkly, squeaky, squishy version of one of her favorite foods (eggs!).

Very happy with her new toy

A few of her favorite things:

  1. Walks
  2. Fresh eggs
  3. Snow / winter
  4. Chasing birds
  5. Sitting in the front seat of the van with her head out the open window
  6. Laying on clean laundry
  7. Laying on dirty laundry
  8. Tricking us into giving her 7 meals a day
  9. Reminding us that treats are required for everything
  10. Licking our sweat
  11. Racing me uphill
  12. Snuggling on the couch
  13. Smacking the gate at the bottom of the stairs in protest
  14. Licking W even when he’s unconscious
  15. Laying on any pillows or blankets she’s not allowed to be on
  16. Laying on the bottom of the curtains so she can be with us during meals, laying on the bath mat to wait for me to get out of the shower, laying at the foot of the bed to sleep near us
  17. Warming L’s lap while she’s reading a book
  18. Belly scratches from F
  19. Giving Jer a welcome home, or being super excited when we pick him up in the car
  20. Giving puppy eyes

Happy Birthday to our furry friend and queen of our hearts.

Love, Kat

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