Spring Break Canyon and Cave

We’re on vacation in St George for Spring Break! See Day 1 and Day 2 here.

Day 3 – Our last day in St George. Revisited the slot canyon by Dixie Rock. W wanted to climb the Dixie Rocks and we saw the view of St George from the top of Dixie Rock. Johnson Canyon was closed, so we hiked the Scout Cave trail (part of Snow Canyon) and saw some amazing views with lava rocks.


Spring Break in St George

Spring Break in St George

Day 1 – Slot Canyon and hiking near Dixie, Thunder…

Spring Break Snow Canyon

Spring Break Snow Canyon

Day 2 – Hiking and climbing in slot canyons, sand…

Dixie Rock Slot Canyon + Hike

Scout Cave Trail

Road Trip

Our hotel had amazing breakfasts with fresh made omelettes, mini waffles, fresh toast, yogurt bars, eggs and bacon, and all the fixings! I was in breakfast heaven for our stay. We met up briefly to see cousins and hug my sister who showed us where their new home will be built. Listened to The Lost World (Jurassic Park) audiobook on the way home. I’m so impressed that we made this trip in Jer’s little car with all the kids and even our dog- we walk her on all our bathroom breaks and didn’t use much gas.

F said it’s been the best days of his life haha! Swimming, delicious food and all the best snacks, climbing boulders and hiking trails, all sleeping in the same bed, going to Unwind Hour with popcorn and nachos and soda, staying at a hotel… no chores and just fun all the time haha, it’s the stuff of dreams.

Love, Kat

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