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Spring Soccer 2023

April is action packed with soccer season. All three of the kids have games on the same days—and so far all at the same time, too! I’m never around long enough to sit down, so no need for a chair this season. I just run around to each field rotating between their games and hope they’re not sitting out when I get there haha! That way I can cheer for them, and watch them play their best!

F is for Fast!

F’s games are so enjoyable to watch as a parent; there’s always something exciting happening. He doesn’t shy away from the ball and sometimes it ends up smacking him in the face- but he just keeps getting back up! Other times he seems to trip on his shoelaces, or even the air when he’s running faster than his body. No matter what position he’s playing he gives his best effort—the dance moves are still showing up, too, lol. F is so tough and brave! He went head on with the other team’s star player, didn’t back down, kicked the ball out, and managed to score!

Team Spirit

I love that this pic gives us a glimpse of how fun and enthusiastic my husband is. Our son LOVES that his Dad is his coach for kindergarten soccer. It’s like herding cats sometimes, but Jer is so proud when the kids show what they’ve learned with passing, covering, throwing the ball back in, defending, and of course kicking the ball where they want it to go. W is always finding humor on the field; his favorite part is still snacks, but he also likes that a friend from class at school is on his team. W seems to like being goalie knocking balls out of the net best.

I’ve been in charge of updating parents every game and arranging snacks / drinks (which the kids always look forward to). The weather has been all over the place, most often colder than anticipated. As a Soccer Mom I do an early dinner, launder the uniforms, carry the water bottles, take photos/videos and notes for Dad who can’t be at their games, double knot the untied shoe laces, keep the soccer schedule straight so we’re on time for practices/games/photo-shoots, get updates on the scores, bring all the jackets because everyone always turns out wrong about how “warm” it will be, collect all their things before we head to the car… I’m beat just typing that lol!

Helping out Coach
L is doing GREAT on defense!

I’ve loved learning about the game more! After hearing “off sides” at nearly all of L’s games every season, I still have yet to understand it enough to be able to explain it to someone. There’s finally enough older players to form our own league without combining with Payson, which means we don’t have to drive to other locations, and L gets to play every team twice—sometimes against her old teammates, so it’s been really fun for her to see her soccer friends on the field from previous seasons. Her games are fun for me to watch since she does a lot on defense and has made wonderful assists. She goes to the ball now instead of waiting for it to come right to her. I see her going for the ball and fighting for it, and her kicks make contact lol! They are also doing a Playoff Bracket so it’s exciting to feel the competition.

Kindness and encouragement

My favorite part (besides ordering a delicious pizza) is on the way back to the car when I catch my kids holding hands or giving an encouraging pat on the shoulder as they discuss how it went.

Love, Kat

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