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Thankfulness In Quarantine

Staying Positive When Covid-Positive

Jer’s intense headache turned into his worst flu ever, resulting in his first sick days off from work in 8yrs teaching. He tested positive for COVID-19 two days later, and I literally sat there with no idea what to do.

In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

John 16:33

I am grateful Jeremy didn’t need to be hospitalized, and for the vaccine which may have made his symptoms and this virus survivable.

How to deal with this now that our house had Coronavirus? Thankfully, Aunt Julie called me. She had just survived COVID-19 without spreading it to her family, and gave me some advice.

All By Myself

I moved out of our room so Jeremy could isolate while we waited for the remaining results. It would take up to 2 days to find out if we had it, too. I aired out the house, Lysoled it up, did laundry, and sanitized everything I could like a proper clean freak. Then I made all the food, and served it on disposal dishes left at Jer’s door at mealtime. He washed his one set of utensils in our bathroom sink to avoid cross-contamination. I canceled everything including work. Maybe we could keep this up for 10 days and be done.

I am thankful to have spent such quality time with the kids. They were so excited to have me crash in their bed with them. We read, played, walked the dog, and did everything together. Before bed, we made a list of fun things we wanted to do during the rest of our quarantine—dance parties, Ravenclaw feasts, video games, movie nights, and more. Walker was ecstatic to nap with me, and I couldn’t help loving on them.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice

The kids’ results came first. All negative. Whew, a narrow escape! I could do this! I was feeling healthy, energetic, and had zero symptoms. It would be so nice to NOT have Covid even after being in such close contact with Jeremy—quarantine would be so much shorter and less hassle. I couldn’t sleep, and then I heard my phone tell me my test result was available. Come on, one more Negative! Yes, Negative!! No, wait……. Hmmm…. Positive.

I was quietly freaking out inside. Julie called me back right after I got my test results. I told her that I kept thinking of the scripture:

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Isaiah 55:8-9

I needed to learn from this experience, and this trial wasn’t going to be able to pass by me. That was tough to accept when I had hoped for an easy path, but it humbled me for sure.

The school nurse said that if both of us parents had Covid, we’d need to isolate from the kids. They are so young to be taking care of themselves, and if we were isolated how would we be able to make meals, too? What if both of us adults got super sick at the same time? How could we take care of necessities if none of us could go anywhere? 

I asked God, “Will everything be all right?”

I am thankful for Julie, who comforted me in my anxiety, and lifted me up. “This too shall pass.”

Special Delivery

I moved out from the kids’ room and claimed the couch, the kitchen where I could continue to prepare all the meals, and the guest bathroom. The kids now had exclusive access to the loft, the main bathroom, and kid bedrooms. I put their meals and snacks on a tray, left it at the bottom of the stairs for the kids to pick up, and we would say, “Special Delivery!” They left me their latest creations to look at. It was tough on Jeremy being away from us all by himself, and he grew restless and depressed at feeling useless and confined. We tried FaceTiming and scheduling a movie date.

I am thankful to feel God’s love for me and my quarantined little family through His angels on Earth. Aunt Julie left a GIANT care package on our porch that included easily prepared meals like frozen lasagna, chicken nuggets, quality spaghetti, canned soup, and frozen waffles. There were activities for the kids like giant coloring/activity books with stickers and paper dolls, games, and even a science kit! She even brought stuff for Jeremy and I- chocolates, bath bombs, and a head massager. She had called me when she was loading it on my porch and I asked her about paying her for all the stuff, and she very kindly laughed at me. “Oh silly, no! It’s not service if you get paid for it!” When I opened the door and saw how much was there, I was so overwhelmed with gratitude. It was seriously the most helpful and thoughtful act of service. 

After Julie’s care package, I felt like everything was going to be okay and just so much love for our family and friends. Our friend in the neighborhood also picked up a couple of things for me on her Costco shopping trip that helped immensely.

I am thankful we had enough room in our house that I was able to attempt this craziness of isolating from my kids and my husband while taking care of everyone.

I Will Survive

Fletcher developed a cough, so I took the kids to be retested. Turns out he had Covid now, too. They had been isolating together for days in those tiny spaces eating inches away from each other and spending the majority of the day sitting on each other’s laps with no masks… it seemed a matter of time before they would all get Covid, too. Abandon this futile mission, Kat.

Julie absolved me of trying to quarantine from each other, and told me to take a deep breath and give up. “Majority rules.” The barriers came down, I embraced my husband (both of us in masks) for the first time in days. The first thing he did was play with his son.

I am thankful we can survive together now! I am thankful to be with my babies again (I could not wait to squeeze them!), and sleep in my own bed again. I am thankful to be able to hold my sweetheart. I am thankful Covid was mild symptoms so far for the kids. I am thankful to have been able to shower, as the area I was isolated in did not have one!

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