Fall Home Tour 2021

I’ve been wanting to do a Fall Home Tour! Took a while to get anything “clean enough” to take a photo- always piles of laundry, unfinished projects, and scattered left behind objects e.g. shoes, jackets, bags, legos, random papers, books, homework… By the time I clear it away, it’s time to make another meal or do another activity!

Here I was able to mow the lawn (grass clippings still strewn about), but you can kinda see the front porch with our pumpkins, and our wreath before we added a fake web and spiders to it. Our bushes have gotten bushier, and we’ve got some trees off to the side for easy watering since we still haven’t planted them.

Our front porch

The above photo is from our family photos this year. Most of our decorations at the front door are pumpkins!

Look at these cuties! We added an entry rug for all the comings and goings, and a bell at the door that our new furry friend uses to let us know when she needs to go to the bathroom (or out for a walk) for the lack of a doggy door.

I spy our furry dog hiding!

We now have a piano! I had scattered the pumpkins on top of it plus on several other surfaces, but it felt like clutter to me so I ended up moving them to the bookshelf.

Like our cow head we bought on a road trip through New Mexico? So festive and colorful!

Our table now has a glitzy napkin holder, which totally makes us feel like we’re moving up in the world (or becoming real adults, hahaha!). I love my golden poppies which brighten everything, and infuse a bit of Fall color without muting our already brown table and floor.

Our Fall Kitchen / Dining Area

A bright and happy pop of fall color

Loving the contrast here in our white kitchen, too! The little touches of gold, bronze, and organic elements warm up all the metal and high-shine surfaces. That giant trash can has really made our life easier, the perfect housewarming gift from my parents.

Fall Bedding

I gave up on putting things up on the walls, and instead focused on transforming our bed from summer to fall. Just removed the duvet cover, no more thin white sheets, and tried cozying it up a bit with a throw. I like best going to sleep in a bed that feels simple and clean without having to do much but untuck the sheets. Gold feels neutral to me, and seemed to add the right amount of “heya!” without overkill. I probably need something alive on the bed stands, but honestly I’d just knock it over so… I’ve left all my plants to where I actually see them- from the viewpoint of me lying in bed.

We love our home so much, and are so happy to raise our family here. Hope everyone is enjoying the Fall, too! Love, Kat

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