Back to School Wardrobe: 4th Grade Girl

My 4th grader switched from Remote learning to In-School learning (more on why we decided to do that here). We celebrated by going back-to-school shopping! It’s amazing how much a new dress can uplift a girl and bring some confidence in facing the new and unknown. Bonus that everything fit into her existing wardrobe and was weather appropriate.

Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe Items:

  • 6 tops
    • 2 collared long-sleeve shirts
    • 2 graphic short-sleeve shirts
    • 1 long-sleeve top
    • 3 long-sleeve sweaters
  • 5 dresses
    • 1 fancy for church
    • 1 short-sleeve
    • 1 long-sleeve basic with pockets
    • 2 comfy
    • 1 short-sleeved tunic dress
  • 7 bottoms (I reinforced all the knees)
    • 4 leggings
    • 3 ballerina fit jean-leggings
  • 3 skirts
    • 1 long maxi skirt
    • 2 suspender skirts
  • 5 outerwear
    • 3 cardigans (dark, light, and colorful)
    • 1 light jacket (for running, light weather)
    • 1 snow jacket
  • 4 shoes
    • Plae brand sneakers
    • dress flats
    • booties
    • snow boots (not pictured)
  • Accessories
    • sport socks
    • Beanie hat – very special gift in her favorite color (blue like the ocean) made by her Aunt (Chalia’s Craft)
    • Hair Bow – made by our friends from Rosie Posie Bow Co.

We got a couple of things at to our old neighborhood thrift store, then checked out Old Navy. I had not been to a retail store in forever, and learned a lot about her tastes in fashion as she tried things on. Who knew how pragmatic she was now? Not this Mama! I remember my daughter loving rainbows, bright pink from head to toe, and frilly clothing. Those days are gone… I mean, she turned down a pair of Converse sneakers in her favorite color because she didn’t want to deal with shoe laces and preferred velcro straps haha.

Tips for clothing to look for from my 4th grade girl:

  1. No bands along the waist of jeans.
  2. Zippers are better than buttons on pants.
  3. No holes or rips (I guess pre-made holes are in a ton of styles right now).
  4. No embellishments (butterflies, wording, etc.) on pants—the simpler the better.
  5. Adjustable waists.

Shopping was much more enjoyable with my daughter, who was eager to give things a try. She found that she actually loved jeggings after comparing it to straight cut jeans in the fitting rooms, so try try try!

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