Tickled Pink

Snow has been falling all week, and we are grateful for the moisture to slow the drought. It’s the coldest month of the year for us, so I’ve put my getting through winter ideas to the test. Normally I don’t decorate for Valentine’s Day or all of February, but I treated myself to a PINK item that I’m super excited about and it happens to be perfect for the occasion. I love investing in pieces that can be used all year long!

These sizable bougainvillea branches in a vivid fuschia are a powerful boost wherever I put them! I’m so glad I invested in the bundle of 3 instead of trying to work with just one branch, as I knew I’d love them, and they make a much bigger statement as a group! Normally they are perched on the piano for balance and color. I split the branches so I could have some on the kitchen table when guests came over. As the snow intensified, I reunited all the branches and moved them to be within my view of the snowstorm. It was quite effective for cheering me up! I even had enough energy to clean the house for these pictures, haha 🤣!

The only other “decorating” I did was switching pillows. Love that pink vintage African mudcloth pillow with the fuschia strips! That gold pillow has been adding some sparkle all month long, too. The bookshelf also now has a little “Romantic” grouping in honor of Valentine’s Day, including a yarn heart L crafted at school, photo strips of my grandparents looking very much in love, and our Wedding book.

My husband keeps telling me how much he loves the pop of color from them! The kids have all told me how beautiful they are and tried to touch them, thinking they are real. The only downside is having to remind them to be soft and gentle with Mommy’s flowers! I don’t have to water them, and they will stay lovely for hopefully a long time. For now, I really don’t mind the weather outside when it feels so cozy and wonderful inside our home. Here’s to hoping everyone out there is learning to enjoy the snow, too.


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