It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

I guess when you live in Utah, having a white Christmas really helps with that! Every week becomes more wonderful as we do more traditions little by little. In November I broke my professional camera whilst attempting to get family photos. Alyssa saved the day and they turned out perfect for Christmas cards. I only just finished sending the ones that needed to be mailed.

Baby girl is old enough during Christmas this year to take Santa pictures! She loves the song “Feliz Navidad” and most other Christmas music. When we decorated the tree, she took all of the candy canes she could reach and broke them. We ended up going to Thanksgiving Point for them, and they turned out amazing—I love them! These are just a handful…

We picked out our Christmas tree in about five minutes and got some help from Teancum to get it set up. Somehow the smell of a fresh Christmas tree and just how beautiful it looks brightens the day. I like to stay up just looking at it because it makes me so happy. Jeremy broke out the Christmas boxes and strung up the lights. We decorated the tree with some heirloom ornaments passed down to us from Jeremy’s fantastic grandparents, all while She and He’s Christmas album was playing in the background. We really love Christmas and celebrating the birth of Christ. The world just seems like a nicer place at this time of the year as long it’s not all about money, presents, or commercialization.

In other news, the house is done! We—and everyone else who has walked through the house—want to buy it and move in already. Jeremy and the boys can step back and really see the beautiful work they’ve done for the past year. The kitchen has beautiful white cabinets, granite counter-tops, a bar stool counter, dark wood floors, and a little dinette area. The rest of the house has gorgeous tile, marble, and carpet throughout, and matching white doors and dark ceiling fans and lights. There is a lawn and a backyard now. It goes on the market this week.

I’ve really enjoyed trying my hand at some sewing projects! For Alyssa’s baby shower I made her a mobile with little stuffed birds perched on and hanging from a real tree branch. The fabric matched her baby bedding! I had bought more fabric than I needed to, so I made a second one and Jeremy liked it so much that he hung it in our living room to see it everyday instead of in baby girl’s room that’s more like a storage space right now. I’m also making some lined burlap Christmas stockings this year for our family, so that the stockings can all match! They’re a little smaller than I would like, but they will do for this year. The girl ones will have bows, and Jeremy’s will have a layered cuff. Can’t wait! We’ll be with family- both sides- and even get to see a few friends! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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