Manti Temple Open House

The Manti Temple has been under renovation from October 2021 through March 2024; several years we have waited to return to this beautiful place where Jer and I were married back in 2009. I never thought we’d be able to show the kids the room where we were sealed together, sit in the celestial room as a family, and even check out the great assembly room where the pioneer saints used to gather all together. It was such a special occasion during our Spring Break, and opportunity to feel the spirit here.

What an adventure to be in line with a queue wrapping all around the grounds and snaking. Kids played tag on the hill in their nice church clothes and rolled down the grass. It was much colder and windier than expected, and a 2 hour wait even with reservations which we had.

With all the changes and how long it’s been since we’ve been back, it was truly like experiencing this temple for the first time. Some of the ceilings were gilded in gold. Ornate designs filled every corner, along with pastel paint and gold framed artwork of the Savior or light-filled valleys that must be the surrounding area. I loved that the carpet transitioned to match each area as we progressed through the Creation Room, the instruction rooms, and finally the Celestial Room. Minerva Teichert, who painted many of the murals on these walls, is still one of my favorite artists. I had never been to the baptistry, and it surprised me how it matched the style of the rest of the temple.

The boys found a door and asked one of the attendants where the door led. She showed them the knob with the lock, and asked why there might be two key holes here. W thought for a moment, and answered that it’s to keep out bad guys and they’d need two keys in order to open it. The attendant glowed and said that he was correct! “You must be so smart because of all the people I’ve asked that, not many could think of the right answer.” We’re still not sure was behind the door, haha!

Visiting the temple always makes my day! Coming with my sweethearts to see where eternal families are brought together is even better!! I can’t wait to come back with them or any of my loved ones again in years to come.

Photos of the interiors that we saw at the Manti Temple Open House can be seen here.


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