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Pumpkins and Pirates Trunk or Treat

We carved pumpkins until way past bedtime, but the kids were psyched for their jack-o-lanterns all lit up together. L made an emoticon pumpkin, F made a dragon turned demon, Jer made a Jack Skellington pumpkin, W made a “scary but cute” face, and I patterned my pumpkin to look like the poisoned apple since it looked like it was melting. Jer stayed up way late cooking the pumpkin seeds which turned out super delicious!

Our pumpkins made their appearance at the annual Trunk or Treat event where everyone comes in costume, decorates their trunks, and hands out candy before the sun goes down. We did some last minute throwing together what we had—two pirates, an inflatable pirate ship, and a blow up crocodile! Our candy bowl was a ”treasure chest” filled with gold and sweets. The Wellerman song (sea shanty) played in the back to really set the mood, and we had the good fortune of being next to a Little Mermaid / Ursula trunk! We were given the ”Best Decorated Trunk!!” award by the Young Women at the end of the night, what a fun surprise! The kids had the best time checking out all the trunks and costumes and of course collecting their favorite candies. Some trunks even had games like ski ball, tosses, and ”put your hand in the hole” haha! Below is our crew- W the Pirate Captain, Daddy the First Mate, L as Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter, my little teenage mutant ninja turtle F as Michelangelo, Mommy as Snow White, and Roxy our dog in her winter jacket which looks like a life vest.

I guess this was just a warmup for Halloween on Monday! we will definitely need more candy.


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