Saratoga Springs Temple Open House

What a lovely day to visit the House of the Lord! These are not just beautiful buildings for us, they are sacred places where we go to feel closer to God, seek special blessings, learn more about our Savior, and bring families together.

Today we had the chance to see the inside of this beautiful new temple in Eagle Mountain. The grounds were covered in fully bloomed rose bushes. Bright and tall stained glass windows on all sides depicted the purple mountains and water with white bell-like flowers. I loved the interior that had a distinctly coastal style which matched the surrounding neighborhood. I think it was a nod to the lake nearby, which we could see clearly from the front steps of the temple.

We were able to show the different rooms to the kids, explain that is where we get married or baptized for our ancestors or receive instruction. The tours were so organized and well done! A few of the stations were even manned by the youth, like opening doors and helping guests put on shoe coverings. I felt the spirit in this lovely temple, and was so happy to be sitting in the Celestial Room with my sweet family. We looked in the “eternity mirrors” that face each other so you can see forever. I hope we get to come here again soon.

Love, Kat

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