Stubborn Cough

Last week I was running 5-7 miles regularly and kicking trash with all my chores and work done. O how the mighty have fallen, lol. This week I’ve been sick and it’s a Herculean effort to carry a small bag of groceries from checkout to the car. Night is when it gets bad with the coughing fits. Last night I coughed so hard that I vomited. I couldn’t stop the gag reflex that triggered it.

I have managed to accomplish a few things here and there:

  • Ordered Jer’s Father’s Day gift (never-mind it will arrive a day late)
  • Washed a load of laundry (still have yet to build up the energy to fold it)
  • Did dishes a few times (Jer has been doing all the cooking of late so we eat well at least!)
  • Ported over some old journal entries from Walker’s first year
  • Finished my Etsy orders
  • Survived work tasks with deadlines
  • Brief kid things like a piano lesson and camp kickoff
  • Sent out the text reminders for Church Cleaning on time
  • Random dog walks
  • Jer and I did a morning hike early on in my illness when we thought I’d get better with exercise, but I actually got worse for the next couple of days.
Hike while recovering

You know what always makes me feel better? Jeremy’s comforting embrace, his delicious food, walks with him, and watching the TV adaptation of All Creatures Great and Small since reading is too much for my brain right now. It’s ironic that the things I most like to do during summer vacation and downtime require so much brain power or energy. Puzzles, reading, running, playing with the kids… I even had this ambition of teaching them life skills over the summer and that’s kind of become letting them watch movies, read books, and play video games to no end.

Jer is worried that I might get bronchitis or pneumonia, so we will see what happens on Monday if I need to see a doctor and get tests done. I really don’t want that expense and bother, so I hope this resolves over the weekend. Here’s to Niquil and hope for a restful night!

Love, Kat

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