Birthday Do Over

My sweet husband had a birthday 🙂 It was lame; he had delegate duties the entire day, I couldn’t find any of the decorations or candles so it was blah, all I was able to do was make his requested dinner (mushroom pasta) because I was so exhausted I had slept in until 3pm. He put on a cartoon for the kids and we barely made it through without falling asleep. The boys had wrapped their toys and precious quarters to give to their Dad, which was the sweetest thought but he couldn’t accept and asked them to keep for themselves and go for a bike ride with him later instead; I was supposed to have gone to the store with them. The “easy cake” was a lemon blueberry thing both of us had admired in the store; I must have bought it too early because it turned out super dry and feeling like a muffin which he didn’t care for.

We had a Do-Over. I tore through all the boxes in the basement to find the Happy Birthday banner, and put it up even though he told me not to bother. His gift was still delayed in transit. He made a special meal of carnitas, but it was missing so many ingredients (darn that cilantro!) and we couldn’t run to the store because it was Sunday. “It’s okay,” he said, even though I could see he was very disappointed. But it wasn’t okay; what he really meant was, “I’ll get over it.”

So we did another Do-Over. He texted me about how he knew he was a grown man, but was still so excited for presents lol! Good thing he reminded me- I had been out running errands all day and had forgotten to stop at the store. I ran back to the store after putting the groceries away; I couldn’t have him come home with no presents even though the Main Gift was delayed another day. He loved his cactus with the yellow flower, and having his own bags of his new favorite Popcorn Chips.

Lily made one of the most beautiful and thoughtful watercolor cards with a Hobbit Hole and a handwritten note for her Dad, and he lovingly admired all of the details she put in and gushed to me about it.

L’s birthday card to Jer

Next day when his Main Gift finally came, we all gathered around again and got ice cream as a redo for the cake; he picked his favorite flavor black licorice. So the birthday celebration has actually lasted the whole week haha. We can chock it to a happy accident, and keep reassuring the kids that a Birthday Week is not the norm, they need not expect any in their near future.

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