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Thanksgiving Idaho 2023

This is our second annual visit to Jeremy’s Mom at her home during Thanksgiving break. The kids were very excited for the trip, and had plans to play board games with everyone—but in the rush to leave we forgot to pack them! They ended up having a lot of screen time during traveling and when we arrived. Jer’s brother Teancum and his wife Audrey are expecting a baby next month, so it was extra special to be able to see and hang out with them before this new chapter. They brought their puppy Hazel, and we brought our dog Roxy.

I made lentils for dinner, and for Thanksgiving a fresh cranberry sauce and sweet potato Lloyd family recipe, all while we tried to get packed. It was a bit chaotic trying to leave. F started coughing the day we road-tripped to Idaho for Thanksgiving, and that turned into feverish nights. I had brought the “Sick Bag” with medicines, masks, cough drops, and more because last year the boys got sick on this same trip. It spreads so easily since we are all confined to sleeping in one room while visiting. I was feeling poorly through Thanksgiving, but we managed to stay until Saturday. I got to read some of my book while everyone had late night movies.

On the day after Thanksgiving, we went into the Caribou-Targhee National Forest to find our Christmas Tree. Poor F was too cold and sick to be able to look for our Christmas tree for long, but I managed to get these photos before we sought shelter in the car. It was too cold for Roxy to go out!

We ate Thanksgiving leftovers, had authentic Mexican food for dinner at a local restaurant, drove around until we found Christmas lights together from the car, and had some ice cream at the new Polar drive through near the house before bed. When it was time to leave the next morning, the van wouldn’t start! We’d packed the car, tied the Christmas tree to the top, and were completely ready to start our journey home when it happened. Mark had to jump our battery, it probably got frozen. We are so thankful we got home safely after that, and tag teamed it to get the tree and lights up, and even make Caldo de Res for dinner.

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